Media Appearances


“Philly judge makes $135,000 gaming city land sales” by Ryan W. Briggs, January 17, 2019. Plan Philly.

“Philly housing costs rising faster for poor and middle class than for the wealthy” by Aaron Moselle, April 29, 2019. Plan Philly.

“Why Philly's councilmanic prerogative isn’t going away” by Ryan W. Briggs, May 16, 2019. Plan Philly.

“How City Council President Darrell Clarke stopped housing from rising on a vacant city lot and helped his landlord” by Ryan W. Briggs, June 10, 2019. Plan Philly.

“Just 1 week after bay window ban advances, a duplex ban moves forward” by Jake Blumgart, June 12, 2019. Plan Philly.

“Puff, Puff, Pass: Philly Council to debate banning hookah bars in most of the city” by Jake Blumgart and LaCandis Brown. September 10, 2019. Plan Philly.

“Philadelphia’s hookah bar crackdown” Produced by Annette John-Hall. September 10, 2019. The Why Podcast.