The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University,New Brunswick, NJ

PhD, Planning and Public Policy, May 2014

Dissertation title: “The Politics of Atlanta’s Public Housing: Race, Planning, and Inclusion, 1936-1975”

Qualifying Examinations in Race and Urban Redevelopment, Housing Policy, and Planning and Policy Theory

 Fels Institute of Government, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Master of Public Administration, May 2008 

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Bachelor of Science in Economics, Concentration in Management, May 2004


2016 - Present

University of Pennsylvania, School of Design, Department of City and Regional Planning

Vice Provost Postdoctoral Fellow 



“Lets Get Ready to Crumble: Black Municipal Empowerment and the Demolition of Public Housing” M.L. Owens, A. D. Rodriguez, R.A. Brown.Urban Affairs Review. Revise and Resubmit




Deviants in Divergent Spaces: The Radical Politics of Atlanta’s Public Housing.  Manuscript. Under Contract with The University of Georgia Press. 



 “Commentary: Housing Preservation as Social Justice” Housing Policy Debate. Forthcoming.


“Remaking Black Political Spaces for Black Liberation” Metropolitiques. 1 December 2016. 


“Reviewof More than Shelter: Activism and Community in San Francisco Public Housingby Amy L. Howard”, Housing, Theory, and Society.2015. 32(2), 244-246

“Review of Black Citymakers: How The Philadelphia Negro Changed Urban America, by Marcus Anthony Hunter”, Urban History.  2015. 42(3): 535-536



“Different Ladders for Different Contexts” with V. Reina and A. Fadullon. Journal of the American Planning Association. Accepted for Special Issue. In Preparation.

“Planning without Deviants: Excluding Black Feminist Planning Knowledge and Methods in Atlanta’s HOPE VI Program” Journal of Planning Education and Research. In Preparation.

“Examining Pre-K School Choice and Social Networks of Parents in Philadelphia’s Gentrifying Neighborhoods” with R. Quinn. American Education Research Association.  In Preparation. 

“Black Mobility in Atlanta: An Analysis of Public Housing Turnover in University Homes, 1937-1975” Urban Studies.  In Preparation

“Slow to Gentrify? The Racial Politics of Gentrification in Newark, NJ” with M. Sidney and D. Morel. Urban Affairs Review. In Preparation.

“Resistance was Futile: The Story of Public Housing Transformation in Atlanta” with D. Oakley and C. Ward-Stefanik. Cities.


Urban Research Methods, University of Pennsylvania, School of Design, Philadelphia, PA

Lecturer,Fall 2017 & Fall 2018 (Core Graduate Requirement)

Readings in Race, Poverty, and Place, University of Pennsylvania, School of Design, Philadelphia PA

Postdoctoral Fellow/Lecturer, Fall 2017, Spring 2017, Spring 2019 (Graduate Seminar)

Introduction to Community Development, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Adjunct Assistant Professor, January 2016-May 2016

Race and Ethnicity in U.S. Politics, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ

Adjunct, September 2015-December 2015

Introduction to Planning, Public Policy, Public Health, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Instructor,January 2014-May 2014 

Introduction to Planning, Public Policy, Public Health, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Teaching Assistant,September 2013-December 2013 (Dr. Michael R. Greenberg, Professor)

Created and delivered original material regarding planning, housing, and race




Antipode Foundation, “AntiPod: A Radical Podcast” Pilot Funding, 1000£

Rutgers University, “Comparative Gentrification in Newark and Sao Paolo” Research Working Group Member, $10,000


Planners of Color Interest Group Scholarship, Planners of Color Interest Group, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, 2015-2016

Scholarship for one year membership to the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity


Special Study Support, The Graduate School at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, Summer 2012

The Political Implications of the Demolition of Public Housing (Site Selection Research)


Special Study Support, The Graduate School at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, Summer 2011

Public Places, Private Spaces: An Examination of the Effects of Institutionalized Community on Public Housing Residents’ Perception and Definition of Community (Phase I) 



Graduate Group, Geography Department Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Invited Speaker


(anti)Blackness in the American Metropolis, Urban Geography Journal workshop, Baltimore, MD

Speaker, “Limits to Black Feminist Representation in Public Housing Politics,” November 2018 


 US Housing Policy: The Future of What Works, PennDesign Housing Conference, Philadelphia, PA

Chair and Speaker, “Housing Preservation as Social Justice,” September 2017 


 Introduction to City Planning, Past and Present, PennDesign Graduate Course, Philadelphia, PA

Invited Guest Speaker, “Race and Inequality in Metropolitan America,” November 2016


Clemson University, Planning, Design, and Built Environment Program, Clemson, SC

PhD Colloquium,“Planning for Political Opportunity: Lessons from Public Housing in Atlanta”, May 2015



Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning 57thAnnual Conference, Buffalo, NY

Presenter/Co-Organizer:Roundtable on Emotions and Planning 

Co-Organizer: Emerging Scholars Workshop: Emotions and Planning (October 2018)

American Political Science Association 114thAnnual Meeting, Boston, MA

Presenter: Resilience MiniCourse 

American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

Organizer and Presenter: “Mentoring in the Black Geographies, A Survey of the Climate” (April 2018) 

Urban Affairs Association 48thAnnual Conference, Toronto, ON

Panelist: “Women and Children First: Response to Ed Goetz’s The One-Way Street to Integration” (April 2018)


Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning 56thAnnual Conference, Denver, CO

Presentation: “Black Feminist Politics and Atlanta’s Public Housing Demolition” (October 2017)

American Political Science Association 113thAnnual Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Co-Author/Co-Presenter:“Let’s Get Ready to Crumble: Black Municipal Empowerment and the Demolition of Public Housing” (August 2017)

 Urban Affairs Association 47thAnnual Conference,Minneapolis, MN

Presentation/Co-Organizer: “Comparing Black Tenant Activism in and out of Atlanta’s Public Housing.” (April 2017)  

 Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Boston, MA

Presentation:“Demobilization by Demolition: State Suppression of Marginalized Political Spaces in Atlanta” (March 2017)


Urban Affairs Association 46th Annual Conference,San Diego, CA

Presentation: “Revisiting the Black and Puerto Rican Political Convention: Tracking Black and Latino Political Empowerment in Newark, NJ” (March 2016)


Third Atlanta Studies Symposium, Atlanta, GA

“Public Housing Tenant Activism and the Decline of Atlanta’s Public Housing: Alliances, Divisions, and the Reclamation of Space” (May 2015)  

 Association of American Geographers Annual MeetingChicago, IL

Presentation, “Whatever Happened to Tenant Activism?” (April 2015)

Co-Organizer, “Governing from Below” (Multiple Sessions, April 2015)

Urban Affairs Association 45th Annual Conference,“Transnationalism from Above and Below: The Dynamics of Place-Making in the Global City,” Miami, FL

Co-Author & Co-Presenter,“Black Municipal Empowerment and the Destruction of Public Housing” (April 2015)


The Seventh Biennial Conference of the Urban History Association, “Metropolitics,” Philadelphia, PA

Presentation,“Racializing Space in Postwar Atlanta” (October 2014)

Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning 54thAnnual Conference, “Big Ideas, Global Impacts,” Philadelphia, PA 

Presentation, “Perry Homes: Tenant Responses to Racialized Planning in Postwar Atlanta” (October 2014)        

 Urban Affairs Association 44th Annual Conference,“Borders and Boundaries in an Age of Global Urbanization,” San Antonio, TX 

Presentation,“Perry Homes: The Northwest Advocates” (March 2014)


Urban Affairs Association 43rdAnnual Conference,“Building the 21st Century City: Inclusion, Innovation, and Globalization,” San Francisco, CA

Presentation,“Public Housing Developments as Political Opportunity Structures: Black Political Forums in Postwar Atlanta: 1945-1974” (April 2013)


Urban Affairs Association 42ndAnnual Conference, “Rethinking the Future of Urbanism: Cities and Regions in a Post-Industrial Era”, Pittsburgh, PA

Presentation,“The Changing Geography and Demographics of Poverty: The Rise of Foreign-Born Poverty Rates in the Suburbs, 2000-2009” (April 2012)

 Urban Affairs Association 42ndAnnual Conference, “Rethinking the Future of Urbanism: Cities and Regions in a Post-Industrial Era”, Pittsburgh, PA

Co-Author,“Innovations in Economic Development: Collaboration and Networking in Developing People and Place” (April 2012)


Graduate Forum on Race and Ethnicity, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Presentation,“Intra-Racial Tensions and Community Development: A Literature Review” (January 2011)

 Urban Lands Conference: Ag in the City, Bordentown, NJ 

Poster Session, “Greensgrow Farms, Philadelphia, PA” (March 2011)


Association of American Geographers, Member: 2012-Present

Urban Affairs Association, Member: 2012-Present

Journal of Planning Education and Research, Reviewer: 2016-Present

Journal of Urban Affairs, Reviewer: 2016-Present

Urban Affairs Review, Reviewer: 2018-Present

Black Geographies Specialty Group Mentor Committee Co-Chair: 2017-Present

Editorial Board Member, Metropolitics, 2017-Present